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The Game

After generations of peace, whispers of an ominous threat are heard on the streets of Mooncrest. Can a mismatched pair of heroines overcome the challenges of their enemies and each other or will all end in ruin?

Mooncrest–the premier RPG from KnightMayor–is an action adventure game featuring:

  • A Story of Sisterhood: An immersive story of fellowship where the interactions with your wayward companion propel you on an adventure of intrigue.
  • "Souls-style" Combat: Engage in tactical, real-time combat where your wits will matter as much as your reflexes.
  • Challenging Puzzle Solving: Tease your brain with intuitive puzzles that favor logic and reward your cleverness.

Mooncrest is brought to you by a seasoned team of former BioWare and pen-and-paper game designers. The developers have more than 20 years of combined game development experience and their goal is to bring back the single player, story-driven experiences they loved in the past. Mooncrest is a character driven fantasy RPG, inspired by such classic games as Knights of the Old Republic, Neverwinter Nights, and Jade Empire while incorporating modern combat design philosophies of titles such as Dark Souls.

At the heart of Mooncrest is an engaging story told through Characters in the BioWare style. Instead of playing with an array of shallow companions, players will journey with Pirotase for the entirety of the story. This allows players to explore more depth with Pirotase’s character and develop a more intimate relationship with her.

Sera is noble yet callow while Pirotase is more worldly and chaotic. Despite obvious disparities in their personalities neither will be able to complete their agendas without the other’s assistance. Your interactions with Pirotase are key to the unfolding narrative and players will spend time navigating their conflicting personalities. Players will engage with Pirotase and the other characters through cinematic conversations.

Gameplay Trailer

Mooncrest Game Features
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